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Treating A War Like A War – Part Two

Posted by zaphriel on February 21, 2007

Some Answers

A Few Questions from a Commentor:

Alrighty, I have a few questions–
And bear with me here.. they may sound rather “silly” but they are not rhetorical questions but real ones.

Question #1: While I understand that the Geneva Convention rules of detention and trial may not apply herein (because they are not specifically ‘war criminals’ but suspects)Just how long are we allowed to detain a “suspect”? second to this is the matter of “By whom and by when will they be actually tried on evidence and either convicted or acquitted and returned to their homes?”

Question #2: If they cannot challenge their detention to American courts, who pray tell are they allowed to challenge their detentions to? It has always been my understanding that the military tries military, US Court systems try civilians–where do these people fit in?

Question #3: I guess I’m sort of wondering why.. if one cannot buy a Cuban cigar or Cuban products.. are we even AT Gitmo, CUBA? I don’t really understand why we have anything at all in Cuba, if we have no ties to them ?
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