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One Fish Two Fish

Posted by Mark on February 16, 2007

Not sure what to make of this…but apparently women who eat lots of fish during pregnancy give birth to smarter children. (Uh…remind me to call my mother)

Children of mothers who ate more fish and other seafood while pregnant are smarter and have better developmental skills than kids of women who ate less or none, researchers said on Thursday in findings they called surprising.

The study, sure to be controversial, sought to assess whether it is wise, as some experts and the U.S. government have recommended, for pregnant women to limit their seafood intake to avoid mercury, a toxin that can harm the nervous system of developing fetuses.

I use to drive a Mercury to Captain D’s, does that count?

Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, a U.S. National Institutes of Health researcher who led the study in The Lancet medical journal, said seafood is a key source of omega-3 fatty acids, important for fetal brain development.

NOW they tell us. Hmmm…I wonder if reading Dr. Seuss over and over would help.

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