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I’m Sorry, You’re Sorry I Have To Revisit This

Posted by Mark on February 15, 2007

Eighteen months ago I wrote a post about the litany of apologies that countries present to those they’ve offended- often times decades, a few times CENTURIES- after these atrocities were reportedly perpertrated. What’s more amazing…is…there’s no end. Nah. And for Japan, it may go on forever.

Three women who were forced into sexual servitude by Japan in World War Two on Thursday told the U.S. Congress harrowing tales of abuse and said they rejected Japanese official apologies as an insult.

The now elderly “comfort women” — a Japanese euphemism for the estimated 200,000 mostly Asian women forced to provide sex for Japan’s soldiers — testified in a debate on a House of Representatives resolution calling on Japan to apologize for that practice.

The women, two South Koreans and a Dutch-born Australian, said Tokyo’s efforts to atone for their ordeal were insufficient because official apologies were not accompanied by offers of government compensation.

If you’re wondering….WHY IN THE NAME OF EMPEROR HIROHITO are we having to listen to these stories in the United States 60 years later, well- someone should apologize FOR THAT! And, oh by the way, the women are telling their stories not to Japanese-Americans…oh heck no…but to the U.S. Congress.

Japan in 1993 acknowledged a state role in the wartime brothel program and later issued apologies and set up the Asian Women’s Fund. About 285 of the women who accepted payments of about $20,000 from that fund received personal apologies from Japan’s prime minister.

A Japanese official in Washington said Tokyo was monitoring the debate since Rep. Michael Honda, a California Democrat, introduced the nonbinding resolution on February 1, but did not wish “to make this a big public issue” in U.S.-Japan ties.

‘An issue’? You just did…you bleeding heart moron.

Here’s where I lose my mind. (We’re dealing with a demo-bat again…it’s easy to do. ) So help me out here….by bringing it up, we the American taxpayers who pay Congressional salaries are going to do WHAT?

As usual, I must have missed the memo. Are we going to…

a) Give them some money too?
b) Uh…shame Japan into ponying up some government yen?
c) Open up a few ‘wartime’ Iraqi brothels so we can apologize in 2067?
d) All of the above

This has got to stop.

I think we should introduce legislation that puts a timelimit on apologizing. Yep…no matter what the range of atrocity. Be it...war crimes, acts of horror, dispicable behavior, mean insults, or curse words caught on video.

A country has 9 years to apologize. That’s it. After that- everyone shut up! Take your horror stories and go home. (Unless, of course, one of your grievances is- you have no home, then you get one free call to FEMA from anywhere in the world.)

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