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Red Lipstick

Posted by Mark on February 9, 2007

I’ve reached the breaking point…yep….I did today….enough already.

Remember when you were a child…and your mother would try desperately to cover up someone else’s UGLY behavior, most often times DISGUSTING- even embarrassing? Usually, you were hustled into another room, or if you were outside, you were quickly yanked away from the scene. Remember? Yah…and typically, a flurry of weak explanations and sputtering non sequiturs followed?

WITH THAT IN MIND…I’ve decided to initiate a proper honor for those perpetrators. An award if you will, a distinction of significant MAGNITUDE- to dutifully capture that person’s face during their most regrettable outburst. A snapshot so egregious….so despicable, no amount of lipstick could improve them.

To pay homage to that adolescent memory…. and to thank my mother and those millions of other adults who tried to save their children. Yes, those who practiced this most CIVILIZED of all human acts at truly untenable moments- I present to you a….NEW Monthly Award. This accolade will commemorate those who practice such deplorable conduct day in and day out.

Yes my friends, I present: LIPSTICK ON A PIG!

Now for the worthy contenders!

This month there are several outstanding OAFS. Yes…there is the pusillanimous John Kerry, there is the bi-polar screeching Hillary Clinton….and of course, who can forget Jacques Chirac’s memorable two-step? But….seriously, there is one man this month- who stands above all others…(or is it sits BELOW all animals?)…Ah well…..the winner of my INAUGURAL Monthly Lipstick On A Pig Award goes to:

Al Gore….

Wretched and most deserving. Read this bit of contemptuous bile. Congratulations Al- you and Porky- now share the same ancestry.

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