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Some Speculation on the Iraqi Front

Posted by Mark on February 7, 2007

I’ve been asked to do some informed speculation on what’s really happening in Iraq, now that the Republican Senators have walked away from the brink. Norm Coleman and Susan Collins walked off the cliff, and should pay the price when they come up for re-election. But, for the most part, the Democrats’ attempt to relive their Vietnam experience has been blocked.

I have a strong suspicion that things are going far better in Iraq than anyone is willing to admit. To admit the missions that are occurring would cause those very missions to fail. One should find it fascinating that, while the MSM screams American casualties from the housetops, the number of enemy terrorists being killed is strangely missing from all reports. But you can bet the terrorists, and their Iranian sponsors know the death toll, especially now that Iranians are on the Coalition hit list. The targeting of Iranians in Iraq will go along way toward creating a stable Iraq.
Insurgents seldom win battles. They win wars by sapping the will. They win wars by focusing on those voices of weakness within the Supporting Nation. Insurgents win wars by making their defeats “feel” like victories. See the true story of the Tet Offensive as the archetype of this principle.

Iraq is but one front in a greater war. You can bet the Islamo-Fascists remember it, and pray to Allah that Americans forget it.

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