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Some Speculation on the Iraqi Front

Posted by Mark on February 7, 2007

I’ve been asked to do some informed speculation on what’s really happening in Iraq, now that the Republican Senators have walked away from the brink. Norm Coleman and Susan Collins walked off the cliff, and should pay the price when they come up for re-election. But, for the most part, the Democrats’ attempt to relive their Vietnam experience has been blocked.

I have a strong suspicion that things are going far better in Iraq than anyone is willing to admit. To admit the missions that are occurring would cause those very missions to fail. One should find it fascinating that, while the MSM screams American casualties from the housetops, the number of enemy terrorists being killed is strangely missing from all reports. But you can bet the terrorists, and their Iranian sponsors know the death toll, especially now that Iranians are on the Coalition hit list. The targeting of Iranians in Iraq will go along way toward creating a stable Iraq.
Insurgents seldom win battles. They win wars by sapping the will. They win wars by focusing on those voices of weakness within the Supporting Nation. Insurgents win wars by making their defeats “feel” like victories. See the true story of the Tet Offensive as the archetype of this principle.

Iraq is but one front in a greater war. You can bet the Islamo-Fascists remember it, and pray to Allah that Americans forget it.

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Oh Brother!…Number 18,381

Posted by Mark on February 7, 2007

Oh brother. I calculated today…I’ve said it about 18,381 times if you include now- after reading this LA Times article.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury has awarded $10.3 million to the family of a first-grader who was struck by a van and killed in the parking lot at Lanai Road Elementary School in Encino in 2005.

The jury found the Los Angeles Unified School District at fault because the parking lot, where 6-year-old Jordan Sandels was killed, was not designed according to state-approved blueprints. The jury also found that the district had been notified of possibly dangerous conditions in the parking lot before the accident.

If you only gave this a cursory glance….you might blow past it and think the settlement was fair. Ah….but you would be wrong Perry Mason! There is definitely MORE TO THIS story.

The jury in the trial at the Van Nuys Courthouse found that the district was 80% responsible for the accident, which occurred on Jan. 13, 2005. The van’s driver, Lauri Dowling, was responsible for 20%, the jury decided, but would not have to pay damages. Dowling declined to comment.

On Jan. 13, 2005, Michael Sandels picked up Jordan from the campus on Lanai Road. They held hands as they walked on the school’s sidewalk.Meanwhile, Dowling, a parent at the school, backed her 1993 Dodge Caravan out of a handicapped spot in the parking lot. According to court records, Dowling, who suffers from a debilitating illness, had lost the use of her legs. Her vehicle was equipped with a hand-controlled acceleration and brake lever.Dowling lost control of her vehicle.

The van, still in reverse, jumped the sidewalk, struck Jordan, veered into the street and crashed into a car.

This would be the part in the cartoon, where you see STEAM gushing out of my ears. Sooo…let me get this straight- a PARAPLEGIC woman is backing up her car, loses control and kills a child in a school parking lot? Is only responsible for 20% of the HORRIBLE accident and zero of the damages? Hmmmm…did I miss anything?

Uh….no, I did not.

And now the taxpayers (aka..saps, gullibles, pushovers, and mushrooms) of Los Angeles pony up the money. (Audible groan) Someone from the city’s accounting office writes a big fat check.

Uh…did anyone in the jury…so much as stand up and say:

“Unless there was a sign in the school parking lot that proclaimed in bold letters- BACK UP NOW- HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO KILL A CHILD– the driver should be fully responsible.”

Did anyone in the courtroom stand up and shout:

“Unless there was a sign that said….BE SURE AND ACCELERATE IN REVERSE WHEN YOU SEE A DEFENSELESS LITTLE GIRL– the driver should be completely responsible.”

Apparently not.

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