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What Do Jumbo Shrimp and Palestinian Truce Have In Common?

Posted by Mark on February 3, 2007

If you think they are both…an OXYMORON…you are to be congratulated. Following in the great tradition of Jumbo Shrimp, Half-naked, and Instant Classic…I give you: Palestinian Truce!

Fatah and Hamas clashed at Cabinet ministries, universities and security headquarters Saturday in defiance of a truce that was to have calmed the seething Gaza Strip.

Twelve people were wounded by late morning, hospital officials said, and Fatah said Hamas had kidnapped 40 of its security officials at roadblocks.

The Israelis leave…and the Palestinians realize…they CAN’T STAND EACH OTHER! The reality is- to live in Gaza is to know HELL. Now I know why they all have a death wish. Death is a huge improvement.

Gunbattles raged across Gaza after the truce was announced, continuing through the night and early Saturday.

Everyone seems to be RAGING and SEETHING in Gaza. What a fun place to live.

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