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One Night In Makati

Posted by Mark on January 30, 2007

Not to be confused with…One Night in Bangkok.

It’s been quite a hectic, exasperating 4 or 5 days since my last post. AND I’m back on American ‘terra firma’! I have so much to tell…I don’t know where to start….

The Internet cafes in the Philippines this past weekend were ridiculously slow…so I couldn’t update you on the end to my vacation. I can only sum up those days as…Don’t worry- be happy. I was scheduled to depart on Sunday….but…well…things don’t always go as planned.

I boarded my inital Air Philippines flight to Manila. I sat down…I buckled up…and….and then the captain informed us we had to deplane…they were having ‘mechanical difficulties’. As you can guess…that immediately set in motion a DOMINO effect for my subsequent flights. I promptly missed them all.

But the Air Philippines attendants were professional and polite…they put me on a later flight to Manila, then put me up in a hotel in the Makati district and paid for my meals. All my flights with China Air were moved out one day later…same exact times…and any service charges, fees, transportation, etc. I would have incurred were picked up by Air Philippines.

Oh well…what can you do?

But I’m home…sweet home. The flight from Taipei Taiwan to LA was near 11 hours long…and to make matters worse, it was a TURBULENT one. Watching our Jumbo 747 bounce around like a rag doll was- to say the least- unsettling. But I knew the plane would hold up as long as we didn’t have wind shear. And the fact that you’re reading my post- is testimony to our NOT having that!

A few observations:
1. Do not rely on a good meal from China Air. Everything they cook is a complete ASSAULT on your olfactory sense. If you want to go on a diet- travel China Airlines.

2. Do not rely on firm departure times traveling in the Philippines. That includes planes, trains, boats, and buses.

3. Should you want to STOW a rooster, fly a Philippine airline.

4. Always bring tissue paper….(uh trust me on that one.)

5. The world’s smallest napkins are found in Asia.

All of my trips are non-stop adventures…replete with calamity, jocularity, and felicity. This was no different.

I had a grand time.


2 Responses to “One Night In Makati”

  1. Mark said

    Welcome back, Craig!

  2. Craig said

    Thanks Mark…glad to be back. Gave me a chance to reload…I’ve missed sparring with the loons.

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