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Greetings from Boracay

Posted by Mark on January 22, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Boracay!

With apologizes to John Milton, Paradise FOUND. This is my third trip to this idyllic island, and I have to say- it’s a drug. I arrived today…after having made my first visit to Subic Bay.

Subic Bay, once the rocking hotspot for many American servicemen, is today- nothing more than a placid stop along Luzon’s western coast. But getting there? OMG! An absolute exercise in driving skills- that rival any NASCAR circuit event. To venture out in Luzon to places like Subic, you must navigate through- and out of- Manila. And Manila is uh…well…Manila is a panic.

Think: NO RULES.

Manila traffic is a cacophony of horns, shouts, and screeching tires with an endless amount of carbon monoxide- topped off with a complete disregard for civilized etiquette. But somehow I managed to make it to Subic Bay and back…UNSCATHED and on a plane to Boracay (Bor-ROCK-i!)

If you ever make it to the Philippines….head straight to Boracay. Should I not make it back to the United States- trust me….start your SEARCH HERE! Excuse me…uh….waitress, another San Miguel please….

Vacations go by TOO FAST.


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