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South Pacific 2007

Posted by Mark on January 14, 2007

So…I made it. The route was uh…LONG….to say the least. As usual, I took nearly every form of transportation known to man to get here. From Los Angeles, I flew to Anchorage Alaska. Alaska to Taipei Taiwan. Taiwan to Manila, Philippines. Manila to Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao. Mindanao to Mambajao Camiguin.

Planes, trucks, jeeps, boats….I occupied them all.

In the South Pacific, you CANNOT hide from the sun. And THAT’S THE POINT! YAH! The San Miguels are plentiful, rice is plentiful, and so is the HUMIDITY.

Of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines…the government pays attention to about 10 of them. The Filipino government will throw money at Cebu, Boracay, Bohol, and Luzon and a few others- and then completely forget about the rest. Which is too bad. Trust me….there are hundreds, if not thousands of other islands they could help.

Boracay is my favorite….but I’m always looking for the NEXT Paradise Island.

Hey…I just noticed it’s getting close to BEER:30! (Beer 30 actually runs from the time you wake up, ’til the time you go to sleep- but you have to learn to pace yourself!) SO I gotta go my fellow satellites. I promise to post soon.

So much beauty- so little time.


2 Responses to “South Pacific 2007”

  1. John Ryan said

    sounds like another pedofile off on a sex tour

  2. Craig said

    Well John…
    That will come as a complete surprise to my lovely Filipino wife and 2 sons you ignorant oaf.

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