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China Is Warming Al Gore

Posted by Mark on December 30, 2006

All of you leftwing loons who have bought into the myth known as ‘global warming’- go tell it to the Chinese.

A great coal rush is under way across China on a scale not seen anywhere since the 19th century.

Its consequences have been detected half a world away in toxic clouds so big that they can seen from space, drifting across the Pacific to California laden with microscopic particles of chemicals that cause cancer and diseases of the heart and lung.

Nonetheless, the Chinese plan to build no fewer than 500 new coal-fired power stations, adding to some 2,000, most of them unmodernised, that spew smoke, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Okay? So get off the President’s back! Quit blaming America and George Bush- you bunch of water vapor producing jet-setting HYPOCRITES.

Foreign countries are doing their utmost to persuade the Chinese of the merits of change.

Oh really?

Well then- where in the name of Kung Pao Chicken… Al Gore? Why don’t we see him in Beijing- kissing Panda bears and shaking hands? Uh….I’ll tell you why we don’t see him in China. Because the Chinese will meet with him, politely bow, and tell him to GO POUND RICE.

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