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Why The U.S. and Israel Will Never Win a War Again

Posted by Mark on December 23, 2006

Both are INFECTED by the liberal media and the social elite loons who set the dialogue AND the agenda.

Now that the U.S. has all but folded up its tent in Iraq- thank you Americans who voted in the Dhimmi-crats…thank you Iraq Study Group– today comes word, that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has decided to ‘unfreeze’ $100 million and hand it back to the Palestinians. Wonderful….sheer genius. Olmert has made a MESS of the war with Hezbollah…and now this.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed Saturday to release $100 million in frozen funds to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and ease West Bank travel restrictions. The goodwill gestures revived hopes for a resumption of peace talks after years of hostility and distrust.

Olmert made the promises in a two-hour meeting with Abbas at the Israeli leader’s official residence, the first Israeli-Palestinian summit in 22 months. The meeting comes at a time when both men are facing serious political problems at home and stand to gain domestic support with a peace breakthrough.

Revived hopes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Up until this pathetic capricious moment….the withholding of money from the Palestinians WAS WORKING! Hamas has been limping along-barely able to pay its own way. At least you had a tiny bit of leverage against these maniacs. But now you give back the money? And you think somehow that will curry favor with those Palestinians who side with Mahmoud Abbas?

Smart move you twit.

The Palestinians, like all good sociopaths, might want to kill each other…but make no mistake- they will ABSOLUTELY put aside their differences if it means they might get the chance to kill more Jews!

Oh by the way Olmert…did Hezbollah ever give you back your soldiers who were kidnapped? You listened to the liberal press and the United Nations and proceeded to fight Hezbollah like a bunch of p******.

So let me guess what will happen next. Hamas will tell Abbas to go pound sand but thank him for the 100 million. Abbas will throw up his hands and say…”Well Olmert- I tried.” And the Palestinians will continue to kill Jews. And Hezbollah will continue to kill Jews.

And the Muslim world will continue to blow up Jews and nothing will change. And the U.S will come home. And psychopathic Muslims will continue to blow up Americans. And the Democrats-like John Kerry and Christopher Dodd- will continue to sit down with monster-miscreants like Bashar Assad and NOTHING WILL CHANGE.


What we have in the United States- and now Israel- is a cadre of obsequious liberals who have no soul and have no honor. Two days before Christmas….and I’m filled with overwhelming contempt at the erosion of our nation’s will- weakened by a powerful bunch of KOWTOWING liberal moonbats- who belong in Hell.

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