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Who Can Win….and Who Can’t

Posted by Mark on December 22, 2006

Okay…so there’s never a perfect match with my conservative libertarian views and who’s running for President, but I thought I would at least review the latest list of candidates. This list of course, doesn’t have a demo-bat on it. Nor will it EVER.

Candidates with Exploratory Committees:
1. Sam Brownback
2. Jim Gilmore
3. Rudy Giuliani
4. Duncan Hunter
5. John McCain
6. Tommy Thompson

Likely Candidates:
1. Newt Gingrich
2. Mitt Romney
3. Mike Huckabee
4. George Pataki
5. Frank Keating
6. Chuck Hagel
7. Tom Tancredo

Let’s start with the ‘Likely Candidates’ first. I would love to see Newt Gingrich win or a Tom Tancredo win the nomination- then win the election. But the man who has the best chance of emerging is: Mitt Romney. Newt is a little soft on immigration but otherwise has the total package. Tom Tancredo is THE MAN on immigration but has alienated (good word huh?) a large majority of Republicans who have caved in to the social moonbats that support amnesty. Mitt has the charm, the looks, and the skills….but he’s a Morman. A Morman has no chance- not with a zillion Catholics voting.

Now, on to the ‘Candidates with Exploratory Committees’. I would love to see a Duncan Hunter or a Sam Brownback win. Unfortunately, Brownback is considered too conservative and Hunter is too unknown. I can’t stand John McCain….so I’m HOPING he won’t be nominated. Of the group, Rudy Giuliani is likely to win the nomination. Rudy ‘gets it’ on national security….but DOESN’T get it- with his pro-choice and gun control stance.

After all is said and done, Giuliani has the best chance of winning in 2008. I’m not elated…but I’m not overly irritated either.

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