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Whether You Like It or Not- Heads Will Roll

Posted by Mark on December 21, 2006

As the Western world tiptoes around Islam….it’s always nice to see, an artist or two continue plodding along uninterrupted.

Just before the curtain dropped on an otherwise uneventful opera, the grisly scene that everyone came to see finally transpired. The King of Crete pulled the severed head of the prophet Muhammad out of a sack and triumphantly placed it on a wooden chair, next to three decapitated deities.

A few loud shouts of “Jawohl!” or “That’s right!” erupted from the audience, along with some scattered jeering, as the long-delayed production of Mozart’s “Idomeneo” came to a conclusion. Dozens of security men wearing earpieces scanned the crowd for trouble. But much to the relief of the anxious German authorities, no physical violence or terrorist threats were reported. Nor did any organized protests occur outside.

Uh…okay…so there were more security guards in attendance than there were patrons. But…I give the play 2 thumbs up.

Yet the controversy over the once-obscure remake of “Idomeneo” showed few signs of subsiding. German politicians, religious leaders and others continued to bicker about the broader meaning of the production, the latest symbol in a debate over whether European society and millions of Muslim newcomers to the continent are socially compatible.


That last sentence said it all. Forget the damn play…the acting…the drama…and the critical reviews- let’s get to the real issue.

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