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We Need New Words

Posted by Mark on December 12, 2006

I’m running out of descriptive words to use when I write about the human-like semians ROAMING Gaza. The Palestinians are, by far…and I mean BY FAR- the most insane group of people ever to deface the planet. And yes….there are no peers.

Leaders of the Fatah Party accused gunmen of deliberately ambushing and killing the three young sons of a senior Palestinian intelligence officer Monday, an attack that threatened to escalate fighting between rival factions.

The boys and their driver were killed by black-masked men who riddled their car with more than 60 rounds of automatic-weapons fire as they were leaving for school. The boys’ father, Col. Baha Balousheh, a Fatah loyalist who dodged a September shooting by Hamas militants, was not in the car.Doctors said one of the boys was shot 10 times in the head. A bodyguard in the car and at least four bystanders were wounded in the 7:10 a.m. shooting.

Children walking to school dove to the pavement or fled screaming.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What society would allow such lunacy? Well yes- we now have one: the Palestinian.

Police investigators said it was possible that the gunmen meant to kill the children’s father, thinking he was inside the white sedan with tinted windows. Balousheh, an officer in the Fatah-led Palestinian general intelligence service, became notorious a decade ago as an interrogator in a clampdown on Hamas by a previous Fatah government.

But the family said it was convinced that Osama, 9, Ahmed, 7, and Islam, 6 — Balousheh’s only children — were the targets.

Takes your breath away…DOESN’T IT?

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