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Not So Ethical Behavior At A Liberal College

Posted by Mark on December 2, 2006

Evidently at Columbia University- ethical behavior is not a part of the curriculum. And it looks like- it won’t be for some time.

It was an ethics exam in a journalism class, and someone may have cheated. Ironic? Yes. Unfortunate? Certainly.

But what made the incident particularly notable was where and when it took place: at Columbia University, one of the premier journalism schools in the country, at a time when media ethics are much in question.

Am I surprised by this? NO NOT AT ALL. Wait…it gets better.

….the school was so wary of making specific accusations that, afterward, it was not even clear what misconduct had taken place.

Students had been given a 48-hour period to sign onto a Columbia Web site to take the final exam. They then had 90 minutes to answer two essay questions.

Is that hilarious? This was basically an ‘open book test’. You would purposely have to solicit other students for answers in order to be found out. Students cheated in an ETHICS class on an open book test!

I’m not sure what I find more amusing: the fact that a liberal college full of screaming moonbats is guilty of cheating or that they were so stupid that they actually needed HELP on an open book test. Less you forget my friends: these students represent the future of our country.

God help us all.

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