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It’s The Economy Stupid? No It’s the Liberal Main Stream Media

Posted by Mark on November 8, 2006

The NY Times, purveyor of tremendous BS, has OUTDONE themselves. They are reporting that the most important thing to voters in this year’s mid-term elections was the economy.

The economy and terrorism were uppermost in the minds of voters from New England to the Great Plains to Big Sky country today as they went to the polls to decide which party will control the next Congress.

In a finding that belied the idea that “all politics is local,” voters across the country told exit pollsters that the state of the national economy was the most important issue, followed closely by terrorism and the Iraq war, for which a majority of voters expressed disapproval.

If the ‘economy’ was truly the most important issue, the Republicans would be STEAMROLLING. But wait! Every opinion poll the MSM has delivered this year shows Americans think the economy is doing poorly.


Because the MSM has reported, declared, expounded, extolled, blared, and scripted everything to the contrary!

Hmmm….unemployment is at a RECORD low (4.4 %). The Stock Market is at a RECORD high (12,100+). Home ownership is at its HIGHEST ever. More Americans have more disposable income than EVER before.

If the economy was the most important issue to Americans, and it had been reported and trumpeted by the MSM without bias, prejudice, and every other negative I can think of- the Republicans would be winning in a landslide.

All the NY Times did was prove what conservatives have known all along. The NY Times and every liberal rag in the land- HAMMERED home bad news. And so Americans have bought it hook, line, and sink them.

Somewhere in their ivory towers, the liberal elites are celebrating. Well….you are to be congratulated- you pulled it off. Instead of convincing some of the people some of the time, you’ve convinced some of the people- ALL of the time.

I hope you choke on it.

I wrote this late last night and my hyperlink now MAGICALLY hyperlinks to an article that makes it all about the Iraqi war and not the economy. (Gee…imagine that.) At least I captured much of the BS.

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