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Saving Hubble

Posted by Mark on November 1, 2006

I know, I know. There’s an election coming. War rages across the globe. And yet…

There’s never been an instrument of exploration to equal the Hubble Space Telescope. To not save it would have been catastrophic to America’s hopes in space. To save it, and to upgrade it, will mean more years of staggering views of our Universe, like these. Good job, NASA!

zoo of galaxies.jpg

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John Kerry and the Liberal Press

Posted by Mark on November 1, 2006

Yesterday, John Kerry outdid himself. (Uh…not surprising.) Nor is it surprising that the liberal press outdid THEMSELVES trying to save his lame ass. Take a look at these headlines:

Bush on Kerry remark: U.S. troops are ‘plenty smart’

From Reuters:
Kerry draws Republican fire

From the New York Times:
Bush Attacks Kerry for Remarks on Iraq Troops

From the LA Times:
Bush, Kerry Clash As Campaigns Heat Up

Well…uh…gee….what a shocker– not one headline condemns John Kerry. Not only do all four headlines completely sidestep the incredibly onerous statement made by Kerry- but once again the leftwing media does their usual GRAMMATICAL LEGERDEMAIN– placing Bush and the GOP as aggressors and tormentors.

But not to worry, my fellow conservatives! Something more important happened today…that may be the BEST NEWS of all.

The Los Angeles Times joined the vast majority of daily newspapers in reporting declines. The paper’s weekday circulation averaged 775,766, down 8% over a year earlier, while Sunday circulation fell 6% to 1,172,005.

Is that sweet or what?

Every day that passes…the dinosaur media continues to move towards EXTINCTION. All those urban papers pandering to liberals continue to hemorrhage money.

Like other newspapers, The Times has asked advertisers to judge the paper on its readership, which is bigger than circulation because a single print edition of the newspaper can be read by more than one person.

Amazing…even in business….liberals will try and play a shell game.

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