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Next Tuesday Could Be Ugly For Maryland Democrats

Posted by Mark on October 31, 2006

Over in Maryland, the black community is running out of patience with the Dem-donks. Gee….I wonder why. It took forty years of empty promises from the Democratic Party and success from Michael Steele inside the Republican Party to bring them around….but hey…better late than never.

(Several months ago…I wrote about this uphill battle – maybe it’s FINALLY gaining some traction.)

A new poll shows that a majority of black Democrats in Maryland are getting frustrated with the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally.The poll found that 65 percent of black Democratic voters registered in Maryland say their party and its candidates should commit to issues of concern to blacks before asking for their votes.

Issues that concern blacks? What a NOVEL IDEA!

This year, several prominent black Republicans are seeking the governorships of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and black Republican Michael Steele is running for the Maryland Senate. On the Democratic side, Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. is running for the Senate from Tennessee, and Deval Patrick is running for governor of Massachusetts.

Nothing would make me laugh louder and harder and bring me more JOY…than to see blacks having great success as Conservatives. The Democratic Party would likely IMPLODE and the black community as a whole…would stop playing the Jesse Jackson-Victim Card once and for all.

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