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John Kerry, Closet Republican?

Posted by Mark on October 31, 2006

You’d sure think so, based on the wonderful hammer he’s given us to beat up on his Party a week before mid-term elections. Thanks, Senator!

2 Responses to “John Kerry, Closet Republican?”

  1. Nariel said

    You know.. someone HAS to go “hmmmmmmmmm” over how one can so quickly grab the salt shaker and eat their own foot, as Kerry did yesterday.

    While I can understand that perhaps the man really just has trouble conjugating a good sentence, and should have said what he meant to say BETTER..
    It just.. Don’t know.. *sigh* either way you color that one.. it was a trite and unneeded remark!

    As the elections draw nearer, the Democratic party certainly didn’t need a “foot and mouth” disease like the statement Kerry just gave.
    “It’s people like him.. what cause unrest!”

  2. Kevin A. said

    The only one better then THIS is the OK State Auditor “he can’t count to 10!”


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