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‘Muslim Violence’…Ever Hear A Liberal Say It?

Posted by Mark on October 27, 2006

They can’t, they won’t…they’re incapable.

Liberals will be the first to boast of their lexicon prowess…their perspicacity…their brilliant abstract sophistry. Yet, for all of their education….their erudite savoir faire, they are COMPLETELY unable to associate Muslims with violence. Which is rather surprising given…how smart they are. Here…let me give you a headline over at CBS News:

Youths Torch 3 Buses in Suburban Paris

Hmmm…which youths? Whites? Blacks? Christians? Hindus? Neo-Nazis?Aborigines? Bloods….Crips? Mexicans? WHICH youths? Well…alright, let me read the first paragraph:

Youths forced passengers off three buses and set the vehicles on fire overnight in suburban Paris, raising tensions Thursday ahead of the first anniversary of the riots that engulfed France’s rundown, heavily immigrant neighborhoods.

Immigrant youths?

Hmmm….okay…one more time then: WHICH immigrant youths? Czech immigrants? Buddhist immigrants? Mexican immigrants? Bulgarian immigrants? White immigrants? Black immigrants?

The riots in October 2005 raged through housing projects in suburbs nationwide, springing in part from anger over entrenched discrimination against immigrants and their French-born children, many of them Muslims from former French colonies in Africa. Despite an influx of funds and promises, disenchantment still thrives in those communities.

“…entrenched discrimination against immigrants and their French-born children, many of them Muslims from…”

To liberals…there is no such thing as ‘Muslim violence’. Here they skillfully- surreptitiously drop in the word Muslim….but only after leading with ‘ENTRENCHED DISCRIMINATION’. Heck….where’s the box of kleenex?….oh boohoo…boohoo….I haven’t cried this much…since I cut open a Vidalia onion.

Muslim Violence…Muslim Violence…MUSLIM VIOLENCE….see Liberals? see how it easy it is to say it?

One Response to “‘Muslim Violence’…Ever Hear A Liberal Say It?”

  1. […] They are thugs….but most of all, they are MUSLIM punks. And the liberal press CONTINUES to obfuscate. (Note my earlier post from last year.) VIOLENT Muslims. Crazy young Muslims. Vicious disturbed Muslims. […]

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