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28 Months? Allah Akbar!

Posted by Mark on October 18, 2006

Twenty eight months? Lynne Stewart conspires with a KNOWN Muslim terrorist and gets a sentence like this? She must be praising Allah as we speak.

A New York attorney convicted of aiding terrorism by helping an imprisoned Egyptian client smuggle messages to militant followers was sentenced on Monday to 28 months in prison.

Lynne Stewart, 67, was convicted in February 2005 of helping her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, to contact the Islamic Group, which the U.S. government lists as a terrorist organization.

Prosecutors said messages Stewart passed on for Abdel-Rahman could have incited violence in Egypt. The sheikh was convicted in 1995 of conspiring to attack U.S. targets in a plot prosecutors said included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

You gotta be kidding me. The judge could have given her as much as 15- 30 years….she gets 28 months?

Koeltl, who cited Stewart’s long service as a defense attorney as grounds for the relatively short prison sentence, allowed her to remain free pending appeal of her conviction.

AND she gets to sit at home…waiting for her appeal? &%@#*^!! The inmates have truly taken over the asylum.

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