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Volcano Insurance?

Posted by Mark on October 15, 2006

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be expected when you live on top of a VOLCANIC ISLAND?!?!?

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Buffalo Suffering From Al Gore’s Disease

Posted by Mark on October 15, 2006

Global warming has come to Buffalo.

Residents were digging out and cleaning up Saturday after a record-breaking early snowstorm walloped the Buffalo area, leaving thousands without power and killing three people.

“I’ve personally never seen anything this bad,” said Chuck Tingley, a 60-year-old meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Buffalo.

“I worked here one time when we got 38 inches in one day around Christmas. You expect that sort of thing in December, but this snow was like lead, and all night in my neighborhood, all you heard all night, besides the thunder, which there was a lot of, was the crashing of tree branches coming down,” said Tingley, who lives in Tonawanda, Erie County.

Not even mid-October….yep….global warming. I wonder if Al Gore will be doing the eulogies for the 3 who DIED THIS WEEK?

Nah…probably not.

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