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Eugene Robinson and Moral Value

Posted by Mark on October 11, 2006

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post EXEMPLIFIES all that is wrong with liberal thinking….(uh…wait- ‘liberal thinking’, hmmm- I’ve stumbled on another oxymoron!)

It’s possible that the Mark Foley scandal could finally end the phony, trumped-up “culture war” that the Republican Party has so expertly exploited all these years — possible, but not likely. I’m afraid the Foley episode will be remembered as just another bloody battle, one with lots of collateral damage.

The Republicans wouldn’t be where they are today — in control of the White House and all of Capitol Hill — if they hadn’t portrayed themselves as the stalwart defenders of moral standards and painted Democrats as a bunch of anything-goes libertines.

Republicans promised social and religious conservatives that the values they treasure would not only be respected but written into law. Even if they didn’t deliver on these promises, or even try very hard, Republicans paid enough lip service to moral issues to keep “values voters” inside the tent.

Well Eugene……as we like to say on the baseball field…swing and a miss! Uh…your powerful PEDANTRY notwithstanding….you may want to grab a Bic pen and take some notes:

This may come as a complete shock when you read this…so I suggest you phonetically sound out each word: There are lib-er-al Re-pub-li-cans and there are con-ser-va-tive Re-pub-li-cans. There are lib-er-al Dem-o-crats but guess what?….there are no con-ser-va-tive Dem-o-crats. The only one you had…. Zell Miller…left the party.

Read along with me Eugene: A-me-ri-ca has a 2 par-ty sys-tem.

Conservatives have no choice but to cast their lot with the Republican Party. To cast our lot with the Democrat party is to embrace a social manifesto where God is of little or NO VALUE and morality is merely a ‘nuance to be discussed’. The Republican party for all its faults- which there are many– at least attempts to take personal responsibility, does believe in right and wrong, and there is certainly moral value in that.

And that’s why Foley RESIGNED.

Know any gay democrats who have resigned? Uh…Barney Frank? No. Uh….Gerry Studds? NO. Take some personal responsibility Eugene. Democrats have no clue about personal responsibility. They wouldn’t know the difference between a personal check and a welfare check. They think God is George Burns. Oh and one more thing….

There is a culture war. The only culture you know sits inside a cup of Dannon’s Yogurt.

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