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Good Ole’ H. W. Has A Way With Words.

Posted by zaphriel on October 6, 2006

Former President Bush Calls Hugo Chavez “An Ass.”

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Poster Child For Health

Posted by zaphriel on October 6, 2006


Bill Clinton Strikes Blow to Fattening School Snacks

NEW YORK — Snacks sold in schools will have to cut the fat, sugar and salt under the latest crackdown on junk food won by former President Clinton.

Anybody else remember how fat this guys was as prez… and now he wants to tell us what is good for us… Paaaleeeeaassse.

This is just another example of how they know better than we do what is good for us. God forbid we have choices… BTW, Billary, the kids are leaving the school and heading to the Sevey to buy the bag-o-chips and Gulp-o-soda you so desperately want them to avoid. When you turn lunch at school into a lifeless lump of “healthy”, they won’t eat it, and the options they have left are far less healthy than the things you combated in the first place. But please, save us from ourselves.

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SHOCKER! California Appeals Court Rules In Favor of Voters

Posted by Mark on October 6, 2006

Every now and then, amid the chaos.…amid the flotsam and jetsam….a ray of sunshine breaks through….and a few judges– like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz- use their brains.

A state appeals court today upheld a ban on same-sex marriages, ruling that only the Legislature or voters can change California’s traditional definition of marriage.

“Courts simply do not have the authority to create new rights, especially when doing so involves the definition of so fundamental an institution as marriage,” Presiding Justice William McGuiness wrote for the majority.

Are you kidding me? What startling sagacity! What synoptical gymnastics! A court in California realizes they shouldn’t be changing FUNDAMENTAL LAWS without popular consent.

They determined that voters care about traditional marriage? For this to happen in a California court….well, uh….it’s almost unprecendented. I haven’t been this shocked since….well since…

…I learned that Al Gore didn’t invent the internet.

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