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A Ten Year Old Fox

Posted by Mark on October 5, 2006

Ten years of shining the spotlight on feckless liberals and their intellectual dishonesty. And it looks like the party has just STARTED.

FOX News turns 10 this week, and it has every reason to celebrate. Launched by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and former political consultant Roger Ailes as a refuge for viewers fed up with real or perceived liberal bias elsewhere in the media, Fox is the undisputed ratings champion of cable news.

It’s been trouncing CNN, MSNBC and CNBC for years, and it sometimes draws a fatter audience share than all its competitors combined, though viewership has slumped a little of late.

Pugnacious Bill O’Reilly and conservative tough guy Sean Hannity have become two of the nation’s most powerful broadcasters thanks to this kind of ratings pull. Fox is the news media success story of the last decade.

Nothing would please liberals more than to drag the nation back to the days when the New York Times and CBS News determined what was newsworthy.


The LA Times has ALLOWED a conservative (City Journal’s Brian C. Anderson) to put in print….what conservatives have been thinking for 50 years. The best part is….we’ve enjoyed the last 10- knowing we’re not alone.

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