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Spy vs Spy

Posted by Mark on September 30, 2006

In the MAD magazine comic strip Spy vs. Spy, each spy tries to CLOBBER the other-constantly trying to outwit or outmaneuver the other. So it comes as no surprise that China and the United States have brought it to life.

China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by “blinding” their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday.

The hitherto unreported attacks have been kept secret by the Bush administration for fear that it would damage attempts to co-opt China in diplomatic offensives against North Korea and Iran.

Sources told the military affairs publication Defense News that there had been a fierce internal battle within Washington over whether to make the attacks public. In the end, the Pentagon’s annual assessment of the growing Chinese military build-up barely mentioned the threat.

Expect the Pentagon to QUICKLY counter China’s advantage… adding a feature or capability to an upcoming NRO or DARPA project that will render the lasers ineffective. And in a couple of years, we will have the edge again……which will leave China to counter- the counter.

Happens all the time in the game of….Spy vs. Spy.

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