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A Dialogue for the September 12th World

A Good And Accurate Assessment

Posted by zaphriel on September 26, 2006

of the Clinton Tirade

Via Mark in a comment

3 Responses to “A Good And Accurate Assessment”

  1. JollyRoger said

    Then there are those incompetent politicians who try to classify everything to hide their incompetence, or their apologists, who will move heaven and earth to try to cover the backsides of their incompetent heroes…

  2. Mark said

    Sorry, JR. The document you thought would cover your backside has now been declassified. You lose…again.

  3. It is apparent, Mr. Jolly, that you do not work in any classified environment. There are clear taboos within the community; one of which is over classification, and another is protectionism. The impulse is abundant, but always discussed and rarely if ever does it happen. If it did, allot less would make it to the media. We have an open society, and that is what we defend. Over-classifying things simply because they were “mistakes” would be counter to that.

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