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The Poison of Islam

Posted by Mark on September 20, 2006

Let’s call it what it is…it’s a DISEASE.

A disease that is spreading so rapidly that it has CONSUMED all rational discourse, thought….and behavior. The mindnumbing violence associated with radical Islam is absolutely everywhere.

From southern Thailand to the streets of London. From the desert blight of Somalia to cosmopolitan Madrid. From the outskirts of Paris to the urban center of Montreal. If it isn’t the Mujahdeen in Sudan…it’s the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines….if it isn’t Hezbollah in Lebanon or Syria…it’s the Hamas in Gaza. If it isn’t the Jemaah Islamiyah in Indonesia…it’s the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

One slight disparaging word from a perceived infidel- and Muslim psychopaths seek immediate death. It is so far reaching….so unbelievably rapacious- that the liberal Western mind CAN NOT and WILL NOT grasp the enormity.

In Somalia….the disease has now claimed the entire country.

Islamist militants in Somalia say they are planning to open camps to prepare students for a holy war against any foreign peacekeepers sent to the region.

The militants, who control much of southern Somalia and the capital Mogadishu, oppose foreign interference, including a planned 3,500-strong Ugandan and Sudanese peacekeeping force.

And now with the current papal imbroglio…and the subsequent MASSIVE overreaction by millions of Muslims….expect Italy to be next.

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