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TLAP and the Coup

Posted by zaphriel on September 19, 2006

180px-Piratey,_vector_version.svg.pngFor those o’ you who be unaware, today be one o’ me favorite non-consequential holidays. It has a long history o’ about 10 years and be reveared in numerous circles. Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! And since this be a slow news day where about t’ only new thin’ happenin’ be that Thailand had a military coup, I thought I would mention it.

So have some fun today and kick off your shoes. Blast some scallywags and woo some wenches. This be a great day t’ just be silly.

Me, how be I celebratin’ you might ask? Well I be havin’ an office party, work will still be done, but we will be throwin’ around “Avast”, and “Shibber Me Timbers” allot more.

(Ya can still be huntin’ down terrorists dressed as a pirate, right?)

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