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Everyone’s a Critic

Posted by zaphriel on September 16, 2006

Once again the nature of the business, makes Intelligence gathering and collection a target for critics, even from conservative ones. Little is known about our Intel processes and collection methods as well as our kill chain procedures, mostly by design. The more our enemy knows about our patterns of behavior, the easier it is for them to avoid us (a problem we have been having more and more these days).


U.S. declines to bomb Taliban gathering

The U.S. military acknowledged Wednesday that it considered bombing a group of more than 100 Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan but decided not to after determining they were on the grounds of a cemetery.

The decision came to light after an NBC News correspondent’s blog carried a photograph of the insurgents. Defense department officials first tried to block further publication of the photo, then struggled to explain what it depicted.

NBC News claimed U.S. Army officers wanted to attack the ceremony with missiles carried by an unmanned Predator drone but were prevented under rules of battlefield engagement that bar attacks on cemeteries.

In a statement released Wednesday, the U.S. military in Afghanistan said the picture — a grainy black-and-white photo taken in July — was given to a journalist to show that Taliban insurgents were congregating in large groups. The statement said U.S. forces considered attacking.

“During the observation of the group over a significant period of time, it was determined that the group was located on the grounds of (the) cemetery and were likely conducting a funeral for Taliban insurgents killed in a coalition operation nearby earlier in the day,” the statement said. “A decision was made not to strike this group of insurgents at that specific location and time.”

While not giving a reason for the decision, the military concluded the statement saying that while Taliban forces have killed innocent civilians during a funeral, coalition forces “hold themselves to a higher moral and ethical standard than their enemies.”

What disturbs me most is not the ROE, or our adherence to it. Our ROE’s are what separate us from our enemy. What disturbs me is the leak, intentional or not, of the photo in the first place. Remember, everything that “leaks” to the American public also leaks to the Taliban, there is no excuse for it. At least the particulars were cut off the original.

Secondly, there are a myriad of reasons, other than just ROE that we may not have struck. I was not in anyway involved in this op, and have no knowledge of it, but I can speculate like everyone else. Do we know the particulars? How and when were we certain this group was Taliban? How much armament did we have available to strike? Were there other assets in the area? What are the effective radii of the available weapons? Would we get more useful information by watching where these individuals go to after the event? Might we be able to find hide sights, weapons caches by following them? All of these things and more need to be considered every time we get a target in our sights. Often the answer may be to not strike due to several reasons. This event is not as critical as it is being made out to be. Just because there is a crosshair on an image does not mean there is a weapon behind that cross hair.

Calm down, and let our men work. They know how to do their job.

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Georgia Runs Aliens Out of Town

Posted by Mark on September 16, 2006

A Georgia cop has 2 lines they use when they stop someone in their town. The first line goes like this…. “Can I see your driver’s license please?” As the motorist hands him the license, the cop wearing brown out-of-style sunglasses, usually glances at it…and then sternly peers into the car and with an accent slower than maple syrup, he says:

“You ain’t from around here….are ya BOY?”

Well…they must be hoarse from delivering that speech these days….

STILLMORE, Georgia: Trailer parks lie abandoned. The poultry plant is scrambling to replace more than half its workforce. Business has dried up at stores where Mexican laborers once lined up to buy food, beer and cigarettes just weeks ago.

This Georgia community of about 1,000 people has become little more than a ghost town since September 1, when federal agents began rounding up illegal immigrants.

I pulled this off of…..the article begins innocently enough…..but of course- they couldn’t help themselves-….and immediately changed the tone to sledgehammer us with their whining liberal slant:

The sweep has had the unintended effect of underscoring just how vital the illegal immigrants were to the local economy.

More than 120 illegal immigrants have been loaded onto buses bound for immigration courts in Atlanta, 189 miles away. Hundreds more fled Emanuel County. Residents say many scattered into the woods, camping out for days. They worry some are still hiding without food.

Uh…earth to pseudo-sagacious liberals– they obviously didn’t think it THAT VITAL…they hauled them off to jail. So STFU!

Sweeps like this….should be going on all over America, constantly- and without interruption. And if it shuts down businesses and services? TOO damn bad. Go cry in your sombrero.

The raids came during a fall election season in which immigration is a top issue.

I’m just sorry this problem wasn’t a ‘top issue’…..30 YEARS AGO!

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