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A Dialogue for the September 12th World

The Person Most Likely To Make Me Go Postal

Posted by Mark on September 13, 2006

There is one person on the planet who inspires me to live out my life on deathrow. Yes….it’s true. Though there are a host of candidates: Howard Dean…Al Gore….Jesse Jackson…and Nancy Pelosi to name a few– there is one who stands ABOVE ALL others.

He only has to open his pusillanimous piehole for me to think about sacrificing my freedom and trading it in for an orange jumpsuit. He has done more damage to the world with his malevolent venal duplicity than a room full of Osama Bin Ladens. And no…I’m not kidding.

Kofi Annan.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has said leaders of Middle Eastern nations believe the Iraq war has “been a real disaster” for the region.

His comments to reporters on Wednesday came after a two-week trip through the Middle East and on a day when separate bomb attacks killed at least 22 people in Baghdad.

“Honestly, most of the leaders I spoke to felt the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath has been a real disaster for them,” Annan said. “They believe it has destabilized the region.”

Uh….Kofi….just an FYI….you sanctimonious Philistine- Millions of Americans believe YOU have ‘been a disaster’ and YOU have ‘destabilized’ the ENTIRE WORLD with your malfeasance and corruption ad infinitum.

Hmmm….3 meals a day…a color TV…and isolation from Kofi and the leftwing loons?
….someone hand me my 9mm.

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