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Posted by zaphriel on September 12, 2006

We spent months preparing the posts for the All Day Tribute yesterday. It was a labor of love, a love for this country and maybe in some ways it filled a need to remember, and for me at least, start some healing.

I have held the badge of that day with me for the last 5 years, making them flash by in what seems to be a moment. I have been in the military over 14 years now, more than eight of them working in an intelligence squadron. I, and people like me, know more than most the full scale of the tragedy of that cool Tuesday morning. (I will always remember it was a Tuesday). So I and my blogmates toiled over the tribute, dedicating our blog to the memory of that day. But in doing so we had to sift through all that the internet provides on the subject.

That frustrated me. The videos and articles about conspiracy theories, and the unjustness of the war on terror out numbered the sane and respectful articles by more than 5 to 1 it seemed. I sifted through video upon video accusing the military, secret American organizations, the president and the kitchen sink of plotting and executing these attacks upon ourselves just to justify some pre-planned war. I knew there were loons out there but I was overwhelmed at the shear volume of their work. At times when I encounter these “theories” my confidence in those I defend is shaken.

I defend the constitution in it’s entirety, my oath is to it and it alone. I did not swear to a man, I swore to uphold the values of my nation, and to defend her freedoms above all other things. I saw the “chatter” before and after, and I continue to see the analyses. Every shred of evidence, even the ones that I have seen from the conspiracy theorists as “proof”, every bit of it points to one conclusion. Extremist Muslims attacked us on September 11th. Al Qaeda struck the opening blow on an ever expansive war. We did not start this, even when you analyze the root causes of this, we are not to blame. And the one thing I know for certain, we cannot afford not to finish this. Our history, and Europe’s history, of appeasement has only made this insidious enemy stronger. We have all too often under-estimated this enemy in the past. We all but ignored them when we always had a more present enemy during the cold war. At one time we even called them “freedom fighters”, the misnomer of several lifetimes. We cannot afford to cut and run, we cannot afford appeasement, and we most assuredly cannot afford ignorance any longer. This is a long and desperate fight we are in, but we have not other choice but to fight it. It should have been fought already, and if we try to ignore it, it will only come to meet us when it is much stronger, and much more emboldened. We cannot, and must not fear the path that we must take. It is not the easy path, it is not the quick path, but it must be taken. Denying the truth, and burring our head in the sand will only cause the problem to grow, until one day it will be undeniable even to the most ardent of skeptics.

I am disheartened by the shear volume of conspiracies and denials. But I am also heartened by the spirit of America. It always seems to shine during adversity, I pray that is doesn’t require more adversity for it not to fizzle out.

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Remember – The Cartoons

Posted by zaphriel on September 12, 2006

Most Found at Cagle’s Index

Cant Get There
Much More at Cox and Forkum

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Remember – Before and After

Posted by zaphriel on September 12, 2006

Yahoo has a great slideshow illustrating the contrast between 9-11-2001 and 9-11-2006

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The Clean-Up

Posted by zaphriel on September 12, 2006

9/11 Ground Zero: September 12, 2001 0900 hours by Chesca Media Group

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