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Remember – The All Day Tribute – Introduction

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2006

September 11th marks the end of America’s illusion of safety. The twin lines of the 11 separate us from September 10th and our “holiday from history.” The 11 plunges us deep in to the dangers of a September 12th world. And there is no going back.

The Twin Towers are gone.
Smoke billows over Manhattan after the September 11.jpg

Flight 93 is but a grass covered crater in Shanksville, PA.

And the ravaged side of the Pentagon has been repaired.

But the memories, the images, the sounds of that awful day remain seared in our hearts and minds. We know where we were, what we were doing when we heard THE NEWS. And we remember how we felt.

So do you.

It is impossible to have a dialogue about the September 12th World until there is a remembrance of September 11th. Matt, Craig and I hope to bring that Remembrance to life over the next 24 hours. Through video, columns, and personal stories, we will bring back some of those feelings that America shared five years ago.

World War IV is upon us. Remembering the reasons we fight is the purpose of this day. Remembering the resolve we shared five years ago will hopefully prevent future 9/11s. Defeating the Islamo-Fascists who continue to plot our deaths will remain the primary purpose of Liberty Just in Case, a dialogue for a September 12th World.


Never Forget.


Come remember with us as we journey through our all day tribute. New posts will be added every hour.

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A Nation At War: Charles Stanley

Posted by Mark on September 10, 2006

Few have spoken to the Biblical reasons for war more clearly than Charles Stanley. Required listening for Christians.

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