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Governor Cleans House…So That He Can Live In It

Posted by Mark on September 6, 2006

I love the irony of life. Not a day goes by, I don’t ROAR with laughter at the ‘what goes around comes around’ karma of life. This is a beauty.

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, acclaimed by capital punishment foes for emptying out death row, was sentenced Wednesday to 6-1/2 years behind bars in the corruption scandal that ruined his political career.

“People of this state expected better, and I let them down,” the 72-year-old Ryan said in court before hearing his sentence.

EXPECTED better?

Is that a hoot?….uh yah…governor…you might say we ‘expected better’. Is that rich? The governor cleans house…only to go live in it! (Of course…when Ryan gave a stay of execution to all those death row inmates…THAT was criminal too.)

The scandal that led to Ryan’s downfall began over a decade ago with a fiery van crash in Wisconsin that killed six children. The 1994 wreck exposed a scheme inside the Illinois secretary of state’s office in which truck drivers obtained licenses for bribes.

The probe expanded to other corruption under Ryan. Seventy-nine former state officials, lobbyists, truck drivers and others have been charged. Seventy-five have been convicted, including Ryan’s longtime top aide, Scott Fawell, a star witness at Ryan’s trial.

Uh…jeez. There’s more irony here than a BOOK full of O.Henry short stories. And all in someway- connected to death. Let’s see…we have the death of 6 children. All those inmates were on deathrow. And now we have the death of a governor’s political career.

And his cronies.

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