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Meanwhile…Over In Denmark

Posted by Mark on September 5, 2006

Those deadly serious Muslims…never can seem to take a joke. A couple of cartoons and the whole Islamic empire is ready to burn, pillage, and kill. (Oh wait…they want to do that anyway…whether cartoons are involved or not.)

Well….when you poke fun at Mohammed… better make sure you’re prepared for the fallout:

Danish security police on Tuesday arrested nine men suspected of plotting to carry out a terrorist bomb attack in the Nordic country.

Justice Minister Lene Espersen said most of the men are Danish citizens and that police had acted after discovering several of the group had collected materials to make explosives.

“This is what is most alarming. These are Danish citizens living in Denmark that have been plotting a terror attack in Denmark,” she said.

Reports in Danish media said the men were aged between 18 and 35. Earlier, police had said they were all aged under 30.

Hmmmm….how odd (yah right)….the article NEVER mentions if they were Muslim or not. Well, heck…maybe they were a bunch of crazed Lutherans? Or maybe a few deranged buddhists with a gripe against Danish cookies.

Notice how Reuters REFUSES to identify the suspects as Muslims? Read the whole article…they never come out and say it. It’s sickening. And gee…let me give you my ‘surprised look’. The liberal Media can not….will NOT come to grips with the reality of Muslim extremism. Oh…but don’t you know..if they were a bunch of demented Christians…

…it would be in their HEADLINES.

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