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Why I Don’t Play Golf In Venezuela

Posted by Mark on August 31, 2006

I love golf….I love to play it- but not in Venezuela. And Hugo Chavez, that fat socialista, wouldn’t let me play… even if I wanted to!

Perched in a green and forested aerie in the city’s southern hills, the exclusive Valle Arriba Golf Club has long offered its members a breathtaking view and a pleasant escape from urban cacophony and congestion. Now, a staunch ally of President Hugo Chavez wants it.

Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto announced late Tuesday that the municipal government planned to seize two elite country clubs, Valle Arriba and the Caracas Country Club, and redevelop them as low-income housing projects. The planned seizures were justified as part of Chavez’s federal policy to redistribute privately owned land to the poor.


I love how socialists think….it’s always…‘what’s yours is MINE and what’s mine is mine.’

Backed by a land law passed in 2003, the Chavez government has targeted 4 million acres of farmland for seizure and redistribution this year to poor farm cooperatives.

Aha!!….that explains why I couldn’t find any golf resorts in Venezuela. Good God…what a pathetic country.

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