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Hey Mom…Hand Me the Can of Spray Paint

Posted by Mark on August 30, 2006

Sometimes I read articles…that make me HOWL in anger.(Put down any sharp objects you might have in your hands…and read this…)

On Avalon Street in Echo Park, Victoria Villicano is known as a devoted mother who is often seen behind the wheel of her SUV, driving her two teenage sons to stores and sporting events.

But Los Angeles Police Department detectives say the 42-year-old woman also drove a five-member tagging crew, including her two children, around Silver Lake and Echo Park, stopping long enough for the group to jump out and vandalize.

Authorities believe the crew is responsible for spray-painting about 100 sites along Sunset Boulevard, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Their alleged reign came to an end last week when police received a call about some teens tagging a 7-Eleven store in Silver Lake.Undercover vandalism detectives said they found one of Villicano’s sons — with fresh paint on his hands — near a wall, dumping clothing and paint cans into a trashcan.

Police found the other alleged taggers waiting with Villicano in her SUV.

A part of me wants to take those cans of paint and do a “Goldfinger” on THEM. Heck…dip them in a vat of brown paint like they were human Godiva chocolates.

LAPD Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger said he was taken aback when he first heard about the arrest and said it underscores the need for parents to be responsible.”Sometimes we search for answers as to why young people become engaged in irresponsible acts,” he said.

“We look to social and economic conditions as causal factors. But often it’s parents abdicating their responsibility to be parents.”


Cycle of crime…cycle of poverty…cycle of violence…it never ends.

One Response to “Hey Mom…Hand Me the Can of Spray Paint”

  1. Nariel said

    “Cycle of crime…cycle of poverty…cycle of violence…it never ends.”

    That is actually very true right there.. anyone who’s ever seen Echo Park with their own eyes will tell you that the new ‘tagging’ stands right along side of alot of the old ‘tagging’ (vintage 90’s)
    Though most of the really old ‘tagging’ (vintage 1980’s) is now covered over by the current works of ‘art’

    Interestingly enough, if you remove all three, four or five layers of ‘tagging’ they’d find that the original ‘taggers’ did the job in the late 1960’s… wow doesn’t that make almost the whole shebang like a family tree by now???

    Taggings nothing new.. its just got more and more annoying. I wonder how many ‘taggers’ have ‘tagged over’ their grandpa’s ‘tagging’ now? I mean think about it! THe possibility that they are now doing that.. is HUGE.. and I find that.. rather ironic.

    Great article Craig!

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