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Katrina Remembered

Posted by zaphriel on August 29, 2006

kat5_1945.gifOn this somber anniversary, I have noticed a little grandstanding, and maybe some humility from the Policos; The normal irritating opportune TV ops. And a little news story about a very weak tropical storm named Ernesto, that can’t even scare off the Space Shuttle from it’s launch pad.

Then I wonder… What happened to the Worst Hurricane Season Ever that was predicted at the beginning of the “season”. Isn’t global warming supposed to cause these storms to be more frequent? More powerful? Each and Every Year? … Instead of happening in cycles… As they always have throughout the ages…

I wonder… could these GLOBAL weather cycles actually be stronger than the human meddling, and more complex than humans have yet understood? Isn’t it rather arrogant of us to think that we are the cause of the weather cycles that pre-date our existence? What about the Solar Cycles that are also having a markedly larger effect than anything we can do? Read the rest of this entry »

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America’s Poor Are Obese

Posted by Mark on August 29, 2006

That’s right. It’s so nice to see our nation’s poor haven’t missed a meal. Of course, every liberal and loon will have you believe otherwise.

The gravy train -make that the sausage, biscuits and gravy train — just kept on rolling in most of America last year, with 31 states showing an increase in obesity.

The only state that experienced a decrease in the percentage of obese adults last year was Nevada.

States have different challenges to contend with when it comes to obesity, said Dr. Janet Collins of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Populations are not equal in terms of experiencing these health problems,” Collins said. “Low-income populations tend to experience all the health problems we worry about at greater rates.”

Indeed, the five states with the highest obesity rates -Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana and Kentucky -exhibit much higher rates of poverty than the national norm. Meanwhile, the five states with the lowest obesity have less poverty.

Ironic..isn’t it?

So the next time an overeducated REALITY-DEFICIENT liberal opens his mouth about hunger in America- stuff this report down it. Oh heck….add some gravy with it.

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