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No Child Left Behind….Whether You Like It or Not

Posted by Mark on August 25, 2006

One of my pet peeves…(okay, so I’ve got several) is public education. It’s is an ongoing testimony to government malfeascance, gross incompetence and systemic failure on a MASSIVE scale. Recently, someone stood up to the nonsense…decided that 1 teacher per 40 STUDENTS was a bit much. And that 1 teacher per 45 might be a bit EXCESSIVE. And for that….his thoughtful approach got him fired.

The interim principal of an overcrowded high school on Chicago’s Southwest Side has been fired for refusing an order to enroll more students.

Principal Martin McGreal, 37, contended adding students would push some class sizes at Gage Park High School to more than 40, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Can you imagine the chaos?….trying to stabilize a class of 40+ students each and every day? Study after study after STUDY has shown how detrimental- how negative the impact is when you increase the size of the classroom.

In short, your child gets very little instruction and learns very little. So this principal refuses to accept more students…fearing they would literally…get left behind. And so for that….he gets to file for unemployment.

According to McGreal one demographic planner told him not to worry about a large freshman class since many of the teens enrolled would fail to show up or drop out.


Well…uh…at 40+ students per classroom…they wouldn’t be missed- is that the line of thinking? So….it’s okay to for the students to CHOOSE to be left behind…that way the government won’t be blamed.

The irony here is stunning.

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