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Muslim Men Promise Not To Hit Their Wives

Posted by Mark on August 24, 2006

I swear…that’s what they’re swearing to.

Should anything go wrong in her marriage, Zaynab Abdul-Razacq is confident her rights will be well-protected. Her husband has guaranteed it – in writing.

The young Muslim couple chose a path advocated by Islamic scholars concerned about women’s rights: drawing up a Muslim marriage contract that takes into account modern needs.

This article eminates from a liberal American rag (trying desperately to show the ‘modern side’ of Islam– uh…wait just a madrassa minute…isn’t that an oxymoron?)….so let’s be clear- this agreement is about 15,000 miles from those who would VIOLENTLY disagree. In fact, I suspect….if these American Muslims traveled to the Middle East and told their Muslim ‘brothers’ they had signed this agreement….what do you think would happen? In 3….2….1….Yes- YOU GUESSED IT…they would be ostracized….ridiculed and likely have their a***s kicked or worse.

Abdul-Razacq’s agreement states that she is in charge of the household finances and that if her husband abuses her in “any dimension of wellness” she can automatically divorce him.

Islamic law experts who advocate for better treatment for women say the documents can help them assert rights under religious law that have long been played down by men. Advocates contend their approach is well within Islamic law, even though skeptics say the interpretation is too influenced by Western thinking.

Uh….you can definitely call me a ‘skeptic’.

The Ayatollahs would laugh all the way to their funerals.

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