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Christians Held To A Higher Standard in Australia

Posted by Mark on August 22, 2006

That has to be the only reason. Has to be. Muslims can incite violence- perpetrate violence…cause mayhem and murder, but Christians and the rest of society are held to a higher standard. Uh……..SAY WHAT?

Two evangelical pastors in Australia found guilty 20 months ago of vilifying Muslims could go to prison if they fail in an appeal currently underway in Melbourne.

The two are appealing against a decision by a legal tribunal in the state of Victoria which ruled that they had violated the state’s controversial religious hatred law.

More than four years ago, Victorian Christians curious about Islam and its teachings in the aftermath of 9/11 and the war against the Taliban/al-Qaeda in Afghanistan were invited to attend a seminar to learn more.Pakistan-born pastor Daniel Scot presented the seminar, which was organized by another pastor, Danny Nalliah, and his organization, Catch the Fire Ministries.

A Victorian Islamic body, which covertly sent members to monitor the event, subsequently brought a complaint under the newly implemented Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, claiming the seminar had incited “fear and hatred” against Muslims.

MEANWHILE…hate-filled radical Muslims plot, plan, and follow through killing anyone and everyone else….Australians, Americans, Brits, Jews, Christians….and yes Buddhists.

(Buddhists?…I mean really…WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ABDUL?)

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Look what else you find…

Posted by zaphriel on August 22, 2006

When you enforce border security…

Feds Detect More Than 300 Pounds of Cocaine at U.S.-Mexican Border

PHARR, Texas — More than 300 pounds (135 kilograms) of cocaine valued at more than $10 million (euro7.74 million) were found hidden in the support beams of a flatbed trailer hauling cinder blocks from Mexico, authorities said Monday.

A drug-sniffing dog caught the scent of cocaine, and customs officers using an X-ray scanner noticed odd shapes near the beams of the trailer Friday at the Pharr international bridge. The officers discovered 121 bricklike packages of cocaine hidden in a space between the support beams and the floor of the trailer.

But remember… we are just being racist because we want secure borders…

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Posted by zaphriel on August 22, 2006

Sorry for the overbearing headline, but someone’s gotta point it out every once in a while.

500 Iraqis Recruited for Police Force in Anbar Province

BAGHDAD, Iraq — More than 500 Iraqi men have joined the police in the restive Anbar province in the most successful recruiting drive by U.S. and Iraqi forces in an area seething with Arab insurgency, the U.S. military said Tuesday.

U.S. Marines screened thousands of applicants Aug. 11-14 in various regions along the western Euphrates River valley before shortlisting the recruits, said a statement by the U.S. command.

Oh so we ARE making progress and the Iraqis DO want to be involved in their own country… Too bad this wasn’t mentioned on the 5 O’Clock News… But hey K-Fed (Mr. Spears) rapped for the first time in public, and he wasn’t half bad… we heard all about that

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