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City of Bums

Posted by Mark on August 19, 2006

Los Angeles is a city of bums….and yah, that INCLUDES the mayor. And it comes as no surprise that the American Communist Liberties Union- otherwise known as the ACLU- has been actively supporting the right of all those homeless people to live, sleep and eat on the sidewalks and streets of LA.

Oh how quaint.

The future of the LAPD’s crackdown on crime on downtown’s skid row could be decided Monday as city officials and the American Civil Liberties Union go before a federal mediator in an attempt to resolve a lawsuit that some blame for stalling the city’s efforts.

With statistics showing the number of homeless encampments rising and arrests declining on skid row, there is a growing consensus that the mediation marks a do-or-die moment in the city’s much-discussed effort to clean up the area.

The court-ordered, closed-door session is designed to forge a compromise between the city and the ACLU, which filed suit three years ago to prevent the LAPD from arresting homeless people for camping on sidewalks. In April, a federal appeals court ruled in the ACLU’s favor, creating division among city leaders on an issue that they had vowed to tackle with a united front.

Normally…a city’s police and its political officials would be on the same page….all wanting to rid the streets of their homeless and the ensuing crime associated with them. Well…uh...not so fast RAGAMUFFIN…you don’t have an ACLU-loving moonbat as your MAYOR!

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a former board member and past president of the ACLU of Southern California, has said he thinks the city should not appeal the lawsuit and should instead find other ways to police the streets of downtown.

And now you know why I DESPISE the Los Angeles city government. I wrote a post a few months ago revealing that Villaraigosa wanted to build a wonderful neighborhood just for the homeless. AND NO…I’m not kidding.

LA is ugly… use putting lipstick on a pig.

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