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Katrina Made Me Do It

Posted by Mark on August 14, 2006

“Give us your tired, your poor, your hungry…..your felons, your criminals… and your gangsters.” Uh..wait a minute- the Statue of Liberty and her inscription does NOT say that!

A letter to inmate No. 1352951 and a cell phone bill for $76.63, both found in a soggy New Orleans duplex ruined by Hurricane Katrina, led Louisiana bounty hunter James Martin to Texas. Again.

It marked the seventh time since Katrina that Martin, whose pursuit of bail jumpers often begins with clues salvaged from abandoned New Orleans homes, has followed a trail to Texas.

“I don’t think Texas really knows what they got,” Martin said. Katrina sent a lot of bad guys to Texas, as Houston is finding out. Houston took in 150,000 evacuees — the most of any U.S. city — after Katrina struck on Aug. 29. Houston police believe the evacuees are partly responsible for a nearly 17.5 percent increase in homicides so far this year over the same period in 2005.

About 21 percent of Houston’s 232 homicides through July 25 involved an evacuee as either a suspect or a victim, according to police, who attribute much of the bloodshed to fighting among rival New Orleans gang members.

This is the thanks that Texans get for their outpouring of charity, compassion, humanity, and unbridled goodwill? They get a knife to the back….LITERALLY?

Uh…no thanks. That’s why charity starts at home….where my 9 mm Smith & Wesson sits.

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