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AhmadineJIHAD Has His Own Website

Posted by Mark on August 13, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to logon to the internet…comes news that Iran’s president has a new website.

Iran’s president has launched a Web log, using his first entry to recount his poor upbringing and ask visitors to the site if they think the United States and Israel want to start a new world war.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose speeches are riddled with anti-U.S. rhetoric, also described how he was angered by American meddling in Iran even when he was at elementary school.

Aha!…that EXPLAINS everything. He has mentally remained in elementary school.

Analyst Saeed Laylaz said the site — available in Persian, Arabic, English and French at — may be seeking to win support from abroad.

There you see!

Don’t say I never give valuable information to liberals, loons, and moonbats. All of you SUPPORTERS of Ned Lamont are now free to congregateself-flagellate and commiserate with Ahmadine-jihad over his abject poverty as a child and of course- the great Satan (the evil American empire) at his personal website.

Poor ‘whittle’ Mahmoud…probably had to walk barefooted everyday to school in the scorching hot sand. Probably had no other children to shoot his AK47 with… Gee…I get all choked up realizing he never once experienced a Happy Meal.

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How Liquid Explosives Work

Posted by Mark on August 13, 2006

Great explanation of what the terrorists may have been planning to do.

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