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The Jimmy Carter of Israel: From Hugh Hewitt’s Blog

Posted by Mark on August 12, 2006

A great piece of blogging from Hugh’s site, with a link to a profound opinion column from Haaretz. Here’s a sample:

There is no mistake Ehud Olmert did not make this past month. He went to war hastily, without properly gauging the outcome. He blindly followed the military without asking the necessary questions. He mistakenly gambled on air operations, was strangely late with the ground operation, and failed to implement the army’s original plan, much more daring and sophisticated than that which was implemented. And after arrogantly and hastily bursting into war, Olmert managed it hesitantly, unfocused and limp. He neglected the home front and abandoned the residents of the north. He also failed shamefully on the diplomatic front.

And now he’s hoping the United Nations will save him. Sigh.

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