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Agent Infiltrated the Muslim Maniacs

Posted by Mark on August 10, 2006

The good news is…the Brits thwarted a (massive) radical Muslim plot to kill thousands of civilians….the bad news is: we haven’t seen the last of radical European Muslims. The latest: evidently there was a British agent that was able to infiltrate the group and unravel their plan.

Terrorists were in the “final stages” of a plot to simultaneously blow up as many as 10 jets leaving Britain for the U.S., sending the planes and thousands of passengers into the Atlantic Ocean, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.

British and Pakistani authorities teamed up to thwart the attacks, and 24 men were arrested in overnight raids in Britain, authorities said.

An undercover British agent infiltrated the group, giving the authorities intelligence on the alleged plan, several U.S. government officials said.

Score one for the good guys.

But let’s have a REALITY check here.…(and liberals, please close your Vanity Fair magazines and listen) it will happen AGAIN….and oh yah….AGAIN….and uh…yes AGAIN- until we ‘smite’ them from the earth.

Now I know you loons and moonbats don’t like the word smite…it sounds ‘biblical’…well uh…yah…that’s because it is! So please call your Yogi or your New Age Sensei and ask them what to do next. Meanwhile…the rest of us will begin preparing for the clash of cultures.

And if you think the culture clash is something I’m advocating….well guess what? …Ha! I AM! What can we do to slow the inevitable? Uh…not much… but here’s a start:

1) Racial Profiling at every possible security checkpoint. At airports…at train stations, bus stations, seaports, borders….you name it…any point of INGRESS or EGRESS to our country.

2) Abolish political correctness immediately: Use terms like…Psychopaths, Murderers, Killers, Thugs, Hatemongers, Insane Religious Fanatics, Homicidal & Suicidal Maniacs to describe the MUSLIMS…to acurately report and describe these evil monsters, rather than ridiculous words like- ‘insurgents’, ‘terrorists’, ‘extremists’ and ‘freedom fighters’.

3) Make Muslims accountable for their own #$***ed up belief system– have them police their own. If they refuse….begin DEPORTING them….in mass.

4) Make MUSLIMS take tolerance and sensitivity training classes.

5) Institute an immediate ban of immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries for a period of no less than 15 years. When the violence, mayhem, and killing of innocent American citizens COMPLETELY stops….only then, will immigration be allowed to resume.

Should it start anew, immigration stops ANEW.

6) If a Muslim can’t explain why he bought 600 cell phones, has an airline passenger list, and $11,000 in CASH in his pocket- have him deported immediately. AND his entire family too.

7) Should a Muslim fanatic commit suicide and cause the death of innocent Americans lives…his or her ENTIRE family is immediately arrested and thrown in prison- serving out the remainder of their lives in solitary confinement. All Muslim assets are seized and dispersed to the victims’ families.

I’m sure I’ll think of more….when I do…I’ll give you an addendum.

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What Churchill Should’ve Done

Posted by Mark on August 10, 2006

Split Iraq into three parts.

Yep…the sectarian violence has continued unabated. The Kurds have figured out how to live peacefully but the Shiites and the Sunnis have not. And NOW there’s talk of splitting the country up. Our attempt to put radical hate-filled Muslims under one banner doesn’t seem to work in a democracy. And the only reason it worked under Saddam Hussein and Sunni rule? The Kurds and Shiites had no choice….CONFORM or die.

Pick one.

They have a new constitution, a new government and a new military. But faced with incessant sectarian bloodshed, Iraqis for the first time have begun openly discussing whether the only way to stop the violence is to remake the country they have just built.

Leaders of Iraq’s powerful Shiite Muslim political bloc have begun aggressively promoting a radical plan to partition the country as a way of separating the warring sects. Some Iraqis are even talking about dividing the capital, with the Tigris River as a kind of Berlin Wall.

Nothing less than a vicious autocratic regime can keep these CRAZED terrorists in line. And it hasn’t been for lack of effort by the Americans…heck no…but a VERY disappointing lack of effort by the Iraqi people and their new government.

When Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt were carving up cities, countries, and territories at Yalta in 1945…Churchill should’ve made the easy fix. Segregate the Muslims- divide them up as many times as necessary. (Currently, 3 seems to be the right number…..but you never know with these manic jihadis.)

Kurdistan, Sunniland, and Shiastan…works for me.

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The Danger of Constant Coverage – A lesson in Opsec.

Posted by zaphriel on August 10, 2006

Television news helping Hezbollah

Terrorist: Rocket footage assists in targeting Israel

By Aaron Klein
© 2006

HAIFA, Israel – Hezbollah monitors Israeli and international television news footage of scenes from rocket landings inside Israel and has used the broadcasts the past few weeks to more accurately target installations in the Jewish state, a senior terror leader told WorldNetDaily.

Israeli TV and international news outlets such as Fox News, BBC, CNN and SkyNews have been regularly broadcasting, many times live, from the aftermath of Hezbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel.

“Of course the constant stream of television news is helpful for Hezbollah to know whether they hit targets and the location of strategic facilities. A whole department of Hezbollah [in part] monitors this footage,” said Abu Oudai, who is a chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group’s rocket infrastructure in the West Bank.

The Al Aqsa Brigades, the declared “military wing” of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, is responsible for scores of shooting attacks, rocket launchings and, together with Islamic Jihad, every suicide bombing inside Israel the past two years.

Israel says senior Brigades leaders, particularly the group’s cell in Nablus in the northern West Bank, coordinate their attacks with Hezbollah and receive funding from Iran and Syria funneled through Hezbollah channels. Several Brigades leaders have spoken openly to WorldNetDaily about their group’s affiliation with Hezbollah.

Since Israel started its military campaign in Lebanon last month following a Hezbollah attack, the Lebanese militia has fired more than 3,100 rockets into northern Israeli cities, including into Haifa, the country’s third largest. About one-third of the Israeli population is under rocket threat. Forty-nine Israelis have been killed so far by Hezbollah rocket attacks.

While Hezbollah projectiles lack guidance systems, the rockets are launched from specific areas in Lebanon using a rocket’s known trajectory and travel distance to score hits on particular Israeli sites.

Israeli security officials say they have been surprised by the accuracy of Hezbollah’s rocket attacks. Several Katyushas have scored direct hits on Israeli military installations and other strategic facilities. Last weekend, 12 Israeli soldiers were killed and another 12 were wounded by a Hezbollah rocket attack on a military post at Kfar Giladi in the Upper Galilee.

Abu Oudai, an Al Aqsa rocket chief, told WorldNetDaily that Hezbollah has a “communications department” of hundreds of “officers” who monitor the media, Israeli society and military movements and transmissions.

He said the department is consists of both civilian and military monitoring. The military section attempts to eavesdrop on Israeli military installations and communications. He said the civilian section, among other things, translates the speeches of Israeli leaders and monitors the Israeli and international media.

“Of course Hezbollah uses some of the television footage to help look at Israeli facilities and get better aim,” Abu Oudai said. “Especially the Israeli news, which covers the rocket attacks so extensively and broadcasts from the scenes all day.”

Abu Oudai admitted if news outlets regularly broadcast footage from the scenes of his group’s firing of Palestinian Qassam rockets into Israel “it would be very helpful to us also.”

Hezbollah publicly has boasted it has a communications department that employs 120 officers in shifts around the clock to monitor Israeli society and the Jewish state’s military.

Israel says Hezbollah has been trained by Iran on methods of intelligence gathering and electronic communications.

During it’s military campaign in Lebanon, the Israeli Defense Forces has found several high-tech Hezbollah communications facilities, many in underground bunkers along the Israeli-Lebanese border. In Bint Jbail, a Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon, Israeli troops entered a Hezbollah bunker in which they found war rooms with advanced eavesdropping and surveillance equipment reportedly made by Iran.

Abu Oudai said Hezbollah doesn’t rely on television footage for information on Israeli targets and rocket attacks.

“It is nice that Hezbollah can watch the news but they don’t need it at all. Hezbollah has tens of agents in Israel that provide it with the information it needs. Much better information than they can get from any television news,” Abu Oudai said.

Yesterday, in an exclusive WND interview, Abu Oudai said Hezbollah has an advanced spy network operating inside Israel consisting of “tens” of agents, mostly Arab-Israelis who provide the Lebanon-based terror group with strategic information such as rocket targets and locations of military installations.

“[Hezbollah] receives extremely high-quality information from their agents inside Palestine,” Abu Oudai said. “We are talking about detailed maps of neighborhoods, locations of military bases and regular information every day from many sources to help the heroes (Hezbollah) fire rockets more accurately into [northern Israel].”

He said after rocket attacks, Hezbollah agents send the terror group information on hits and misses.

Israeli intelligence officials tell WND they are “very aware” of a possible Hezbollah spy network currently inside Israel and have been working to crack it.

At least 12 suspected Hezbollah agents have been arrested in Israel the past year, including Jasaan Athamleh, leader of an Arab-Israeli political coalition. Athamleh was arrested seven months ago along with his brother and is thought to be a senior Hezbollah agent. It recently was revealed a Canadian professor accused of spying for Hezbollah was arrested here just before fighting broke out July 12.

In 2002, Israel convicted a Druze Arab IDF lieutenant-colonel of spying for Hezbollah in exchange for money and drugs. Prosecutors said the colonel provided Hezbollah with intelligence about army movements, details of weak spots along the Israeli border and a map of Tel Aviv identifying gas and electrical depots.

Security sources say they suspect most Hezbollah agents operating here are Arab-Israeli. They say Hezbollah’s most successful recruiting ground is Mecca, where Arab-Israelis travel for the pilgrimage there required by Islam. While Saudi Arabia does not admit Israelis, Arab-Israelis can travel to Jordan where they turn in their passports temporarily for a Jordanian passport voucher they can use to enter Saudi Arabia.

The sources said Israeli Hezbollah agents receive advanced training by Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard members.

“Hezbollah, with the help of Iran, works like the army of a sovereign country,” said a security official. “This includes the recruitment and development of spy networks.”

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