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To Become An LA Times Writer, Call 1-800-CRE-TINS

Posted by Mark on August 8, 2006

Whenever I need a jolt to my system (besides coffee) , I will peruse the LA Times for leftwing pabulum. Um…it doesn’t take long…I never have to look past the headline.

The LA Times, that bastion of pseudo-intellectual journalism, has weighed in on the Lebanon crisis. Ruh-roh…you should sit down for this, their reasoning may cause seizures.

U.S. Clout a Missing Ingredient in Mideast

As the Bush administration seeks to negotiate a diplomatic end to the fighting in the Middle East, it finds it has a strikingly weak hand.The war in Iraq, a halting U.S. response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and now the prolonged fighting in Lebanon and Israel have led to intense anti-Americanism in the Arab world. Alliances with longtime Arab friends are strained.

And now ladies and gentlemen…I give you…the ultimate words of wisdom that will leave you gasping for…..for…..well probably…for a knife to kill them with…is this powerful erudition:

And the U.S. lacks relations with two key regional players: Iran and Syria.

Well NSS!

There you have it my friends. A statement so intensely profound….prose so soaring- yes even challenging Hawking and Einstein in its PERSPICACITY – that it’s a wonder I can look at the earth the same way ever again.

I couldn’t possibly make this up. Most moonbats….uh…check that…..ALL moonbats, loons and those suffering from extreme dementia…(or what I affectionately call the ‘Kerry-Dean Foot-In-Mouth Disease’) strongly believe that diplomacy will always solve the problem. If we can just sit down and talk with the screaming lunatics and homicidal maniacs……all will be resolved.

Why just ask Jimmy Carter or Madeleine Not So Bright about Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il in North Korea or Billy Bob Clinton about Arafat in Oslo. Heck, their smashing success at diplomacy is why we’re doing so well today.

Successful diplomacy requires being able to broker between enemies by having the trust of both parties and enough force, moral and military, to enforce a deal.


…..OH good God…MUST YOU PLAY the ‘moral equivalency’ card over and over and over again? How do you broker between two enemies…one a peaceful country, the other a group of psychopaths bent on death and destruction? And oh yah…happens to be OUR ENEMY too? (All stupid liberals and other liberals: please refer to the Beirut bombing that killed 241 US Marines)

“…having the trust of both parties…”

There’s a Pulitzer Prize winner if I’ve ever heard one. I want all liberals (you too Pelosi) to go sit down with Hezbollah and have a GOOD CHAT with them. C’mon….unchaperoned…how about at their place? Just you and them- alone. Let’s say….over a porkchop dinner…..well why not?

Don’t you trust them?

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A Famous Lefty is Forced to Admit Progress

Posted by zaphriel on August 8, 2006

but makes fun of it anyway.

It is a funny clip anyway.

The Daily Show Concedes Progress in Iraq

sent to me by Joe Wierzbicki

Those familiar with Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” – featuring comedian Jon Stewart – will no doubt be familiar with the show’s bias against Operation Iraqi Freedom and the efforts of the Bush Administration to combat Islamic terrorism in the Middle East.

But even Stewart and company couldn’t deny the progress being made in northern Iraq. The 3 Iraqi provinces that make up Iraqi Kurdistan have built a peaceful democracy modeled after Western nations. Not one single Coalition soldier has been killed in Iraqi Kurdistan. No westerners have been kidnapped. And just this past week, Iraqi Kurdistan’s regional government passed a new investment law designed to encourage investment by Americans in the region – as they seek to embrace free markets and economic growth. It’s all part of Iraqi Kurdistan’s effort to reach out to Americans and other westerners as part of their “The Other Iraq” campaign.

So what does someone like Stewart do when confronted with such progress – well, there isn’t much else to do but poke fun at the success being made by the Iraqi Kurds. Stewart’s schtick is funny, and his humor will bring a smile to your face. But the even bigger smile should come from the recognition that at least part of Iraq is moving forward with the potential for a very bright and promising future. Watch the 1 minute and 35 second clip here:

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