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A Resolution For Resolution’s Sake

Posted by zaphriel on August 7, 2006

Once again the U.N. is showing its ineptitude and its lack of authority by drafting a resolution that doesn’t resolve anything, nor is it expected to. Worst of all we’re at the wheel on this one… Oh and France helped (Yippee!! Oui, Oui… Oh man I gotta go.)

White House Pushing for Mideast Resolution

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – The Bush administration is pushing for quick approval of a cease-fire resolution from the U.N. Security Council, but is warning the action is unlikely to put an immediate stop to the violence on the Israel-Lebanon border.

U.S. officials say they expect the council to vote by Tuesday on the resolution designed to stop the major military operations that have been disrupting life in Lebanon and Israel for more than three weeks. The fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon intensified over the weekend as diplomatic work was under way at the United Nations.

Security Council experts went over the draft for several hours Sunday, and diplomats said there was a widespread feeling that it did not sufficiently take Lebanon’s concerns into account. Several members suggested amendments.

Of course this non-resolving resolution did not tell the evil Zionists to give up their state, so it was not good enough in the eyes of many (especially those that would like to see Israelites run into the ocean).

The draft calls for Hezbollah to stop all military operations and for Israel to stop its offensive military drive into Lebanon. The proposal would allow Israel to strike back if Hezbollah were to break a cease-fire.

Lebanon urged the council to revise the resolution to demand that Israel pull its forces out of the country once hostilities end and hand over its positions to U.N. peacekeepers. The draft made no mention of an Israeli withdrawal.

Wow, sanity, if you are attacked, you may strike back. How noble of them to give Israel permission to exist.

U.S. officials seemed to acknowledge that they don’t expect Hezbollah to comply with the resolution, if it is approved.

In other words, this resolution won’t do a thing. “Stop or we’ll… well you just better stop or we’ll be very angry.” Like Hezbolla-bulla-fulla-bulla cares. They know how impotent the U.N. is and frankly could care what they say, they only want to use them as a shield, so that they can regroup and put up a fight against the maniacal Zionists.

Rice said that once the resolution passes, “then we’ll see who is for peace and who isn’t.”

So in reality this resolution seeks to establish the obvious. Let me make it easy for you… Israel wants to live in peace, and Hezbollah, along with its cohorts, wants to wipe Israel and the U.S. of the face of the map out of sheer jealousy and a twisted sense of Allah’s will.

‘Nuff said, I say we back up Israel in every way any wipe these Fascist Islamo-tards of the face of the map, and let Allah sort it all out. I only hope they have enough virgins for them all.

Update: Israeli Airstrikes Kill 15 in Lebanon

Rah Rah Sis-cum-bah!
Branna Branna Bree,
Kick-em in the Knee,
Branna Branna Brass,
Kick-em in the other Knee,
Gooooo Israel!

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