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Church Reaches “A Time to Die.”

Posted by Mark on August 6, 2006

This could be one of the saddest, most deeply disturbing stories I’ve ever read. It is all the things this story leaves out that make it so disturbing.

The cornerstone was laid in September 1869. St. Paul’s reached out to Armenian immigrants in the 1890s and survived two fires. But it did not survive progress, moving to Leonard Street in 1961 after the state bought the church to make way for U.S. 131.

It barely survived a court battle beginning in 1979 when a majority of members broke from the Episcopal Church over its liberal policies. Renaming it St. Paul’s Anglican Church, the dissidents occupied the church until courts returned the building to the diocese in 1983.

Though the loyal remnant got their church back, they never fully recovered, said the Rev. John Crean Jr., St. Paul’s pastor for the last nine years.

“Ever since then it’s been on the weak side,” says Crean, who retired last fall. “It just didn’t have the will to live.”

The building will be sold by the Episcopal Diocese but is not yet on the market, said the Rev. Canon William Spaid, chief pastoral assistant to the bishop. Statues and other objects have been given to other churches.

Bryant misses the church and its people, but accepts the end.

“To everything there is a season,” she said. “This is our time to die.”

There is much more on this story in the comment section of Titus One Nine here.

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1938 and 2006

Posted by Mark on August 6, 2006

A profound look at how history is repeating itself from Victor Davis Hansen.

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